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The winemaking process

David and Richard Wall
Romavilla Winery has adopted a mixture of the traditional methods of handcrafted winemaking, as well as utilising some modern equipment, and technologies.

The traditional methods were passed onby Bill Hartley who worked at Romavilla up until the mid 1980s. During the late 1970s, David and Joy Wall began to purchase new equipment and refurbished some of the existing machinery. The biggest and most important addition to the process was the introduction of refrigeration.

Being able to cool the must immediately after crushing, as well as controling fermentation temperatures, has seen the biggest increase in the quality of our wines. Controlling the fermentation temperatures also allows the specific varietal characteristics of each variety to shine through in the wine.

Other improvements include the introduction of Potter fermenters and modern filters. We also take the approach that "less is more" in terms of additions to the wines. Only processing aids that are deemed absolutely necessary are utilised.